We Offer Services for Skill Development

Teacher Training

Teacher Training

We support continuous professional development of teachers through a set of teacher training modules.

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Learning English

Learning English

We are focused on helping students learn and use English for communication.

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Employability Skills

Employability Skills

We help students enhance their employability through focus on workplace-ready communication skills.

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Learning Management

Learning Management

We enable educational organizations through a software designed to track, monitor, and inform progress.

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What We Are All About

Making a positive change through education

SkillGym specializes in skill development programmes for English language, communication skills, soft skills, employability skills, and teacher education. Our team is a network of educators, development specialists, and learning consultants with over 12 years of industry experience delivering projects for skill development in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions.

We have helped...


...become more confident and proficient with their communication skills


... become skilled and effective in delivering learning


... provide learning solutions for their teaching staff and learners

How We Work

We’ve all heard how crucial it is to set intentions, goals and targets.
Powerful goals electrify us. Clear intentions energize and pull us forward.

Our Approach

Our Methodology

We understand that learning and demonstrating skills is continuous process. Our methodology supports this and guides learners in their development journey.

SkillGym uses a cyclical process of “learn, apply, reflect, and practice” to help learners get the most out of skill development programs.


We map your needs to our solutions.


We customize or create solutions to achieve the outcomes you need.


We implement the solutions within your context, and provide a support system.


We focus on evaluating the outcomes and value you get out of the solution.

Learn: Interactive and experiential teaching practices that is delivered within the context of the learners’ environment

Apply: Support system to encourage and enable application of skills within the sessions and after

Reflect: Embedded elements to facilitate learning through self-realization and reflection

Practice: Reproduction of skills learned in the real-world and work environment

Work with us

Hire us to design and implement learning solutions for skill enhancement

When you work with SkillGym, you are partnering with professionals who care about the role of education in creating better lives. We are continually focused on finding better ways to use education to enable better life skills. We adopt a needs-based approach to deliver experiential and student-centered learning. This maximizes transference of knowledge and learning of new behaviours.

Solutions for your organization

Teacher development programmes

SkillGym’s teacher training programmes prepare teachers to be encouraging, supportive and humane facilitators in learning situations. Teachers are empowered to enable learners (students) to discover their talents and realize their potential. Our teacher development series combines three elements necessary for teachers to be effective educators.
English Language Proficiency for Enhanced Communication Skills

This programme is designed to help teachers enhance their proficiency in using English for communication and teaching. Modules include:

Module A: Grammar: tenses, sentence structures, articles, nouns, prepositions, subject-verb agreement, and punctuation.

Module B: Presentation skills: vocabulary building, techniques and language for presenting information

Teaching English to Learners

This programme is designed to give teachers necessary knowledge and skills for teaching English. Modules include:

Module C: Teaching Grammar

Module D: Teaching Speaking

Module E: Teaching Listening

Module F: Teaching Reading

Module G: Teaching Writing

Module H: Teaching Lexis

Module I: Teaching Phonology

Module J: Teaching Functions
Skills and methods for teaching effectiveness

This programme is designed to equip teachers with skills and techniques for facilitating learning in the classroom. Modules include:

Module K: Reflective teaching

Module L: Understanding learner needs

Module M: Classroom management

Module N: Multiple intelligences and Learning styles

Module O: Giving developmental feedback

Module P: Preparation of teaching aids

Module Q: Choosing assessment activities

Module R: Assessment & Evaluation

Module S: Technology-aided learning

Module T: Lesson planning and Designing curriculum (sequence of lessons)

Student development programmes

SkillGym’s solutions for students have been designed to cater to current and emerging needs. Topics and learning methodologies used in these programs bring have a practical approach to allow immediate application of skills. Our student development series consists of elements that empower students to become effective communicators and enhance their career prospects.
English Language Proficiency for Enhanced Communication Skills

This programme is designed to help students enhance their English proficiency. Modules include:

Module A: Grammar: tenses, sentence structures, articles, nouns, prepositions, subject-verb agreement, prepositions, and punctuation.

Module B: Speaking skills—pronunciation and intonation

Module C: Writing skills—composition and precis writing, letter writing

Module D: Reading comprehension

Module E: Listening comprehension

Communicative English

This programme is designed to give students necessary knowledge and skills to use English for communication. Modules include:

Module F: Public Speaking skills

Module G: Conversation skills

Module H: Email writing

Module I: Non-verbal communication

Module J: Active listening skills

Module K: Interpersonal skills

Module L: Presentation skills

Employability Skills Training

This programme is designed to equip students with skills and techniques for enhancing their employability.
Campus to Corporate Training

Module M: Introduction to corporate culture and workplace communication etiquette

Module N: Résumé writing

Module O: Interview skills

Module P: Participating in Group Discussions

Module Q: Presenting yourself confidently

Module R: Introduction to job searching

Module S: Time management and goal-setting
Value-added services

Résumé reviews
Mock Interviews

Learning Software

SkillGym brings you an intelligent software from its partner, iSpirtu, to help you manage learning and learning data. The software has been designed keeping in mind the current needsfor learning absorption of a learner. In addition, its feautres allow for end-to-end management of learning for students, staff, teachers, and parents.
Assessment tool
Features include:
  • Root cause analysis for opportunity areas of a student (at click of a button)
  • 360 degree platform – an interactive medium for teachers,students, parents and school admin
  • Self assessment modules for students
  • Performance progress report trends for students available to teachers, parents
  • Assign automated test feature for Teachers, Parents
  • Staff/Teacher management features for Admin bodies

Powered by iSpirtu
Reporting tool
An analytical reporting module best suited for governance of 1000s of schools with one report.

Features include:
  • One stop shop report for governing performance progress of 1000 and more schools across countries, states, districts, cities, or villages.
  • District/village level detail at the click of a button
  • Comparative analysis of school performance vs city/district/village performance
  • Analysis of progress of individual schools ( by timescales)
  • Checking bulk exam sheets within a short period of time at the click of a button
  • Works without internet connectivity

Powered by iSpirtu

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